One of the first humanoid races to inhabit Khorvaire, orcs reside all across the western half of the continent. They dwell on the outskirts of human nations, with the exception of a few that live in the major cities where they have been accepted. Most orcs live in primitive tribes in the Eldeen Reaches, the Demon Wastes, the Shadow Marches, Droaam, and the wilds of the Mror Holds.
When most of Khorvaire’s people think of orcs, they imagine savage, barbarous raiders, slaughtering communities in the names of evil deities. And indeed, many orc tribes fit that description. Others, however, are disinclined to mindless violence. The Gatekeeper druidic tradition arose among the orcs of Eldeen, and orcs who dwell in or near human nations often make concerted efforts to adopt more civilized lifestyles. House Tharashk includes orcs within its ranks, and in the communities of the Shadow Marches, orcs and humans live together.