Half-elves, also known as the Khoravar, share the continent of Khorvaire with the other common races. When the elves first came to the continent and began mingling with the human settlers, the first half-elves were born. Over time, the half-elves gathered and formed two distinct family groups—the groups that eventually became House Lyrandar and House Medani. For two thousand years, the half-elves of Khorvaire have possessed a culture and society of their own. Occasionally, elves and humans still produce half-elves, but those belonging to the two half-elf dragonmarked houses breed true as a race of their own.

Lands: The half-elves of Khorvaire don’t control nations, but their houses and guilds command key services for many countries. The first of these houses formed about two thousand years ago, around the time of the appearance of the dragonmark of Storm. The second house came into its own five hundred years later and may have been an offshoot of the original half-elf community. Both groups weathered the War of the Mark and the Last War, and today half-elves with connections to both houses can be found in nearly every nation of Khorvaire.

Settlements: Half-elves, as members of two distinct dragonmarked houses, don’t control nations of their own. They do have enclaves in most of the nations of Khorvaire, however, from which they conduct the business of their houses. Many cities have large half-elf populations with districts or neighborhoods dominated by half-elves. These boroughs usually resemble the rest of the city, at least superficially, but where a significant number of individuals of a given house reside, the buildings take on similar architectural detail as appropriate for that house.

House Medani holdings tend to be practical and open, with few places to hide and clear lines of sight. Members of House Lyrandar tend to decorate their buildings with symbols of storms. Window shutters might be carved to look like clouds, and lightning rods (a common feature of House Lyrandar architecture) are often shaped like lightning bolts reaching to the sky.

In addition, House Lyrandar controls the island paradise of Stormhome, which features the house’s primary enclave. House Medani maintains an entire ward in the Brelish city of Wroat.

Power Groups: Two main groups have tremendous power within half-elf communities. House Lyrandar holds the Mark of Storm; thus, halfelves run both the powerful Windwrights Guild and the Raincallers Guild. Together these guilds dominate shipping, travel, and agriculture. House Medani is less influential in politics, but it commands the business of personal protection due to the Mark of Detection it bears. The house members’ sterling reputations and stalwart guardianship have earned them many friends in high places.

Beliefs: Half-elves usually worship the Sovereign Host, though half-elves in Thrane often demonstrate fervent devotion to the Silver Flame. A few dabble in ancestor worship to emulate their elf heritage, but these are rare individuals. Of these, some have even taken up with the Valenar elves to help that new nation develop.

Language: Half-elves speak Common. A few half-elves learn Elven if they have an interest in a heritage that most of the race has forgotten or abandoned.

Relations: The businesses run by House Lyrandar and House Medani require that half-elves deal with many different types of people regardless of race or religion. Due to their heritage, half-elves have developed a tolerant attitude toward other races and ideas. The other races and houses must in turn show respect and tolerance toward half-elves due to the necessary services House Lyrandar renders.


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