Often overlooked by other races, gnomes are in fact among history’s greatest movers. A thirst for knowledge and secrets combined with natural charisma and innate mystical talent make gnomes a race to be reckoned with.

Background and History
Gnomes originally came from Thelanis, but no one knows when or how. What is clear is that gnomes arrived in the world in numbers far greater than did the eladrin. Gnomes have spread across the world, but they have gathered in a few distinct communities, the greatest of which is Zilargo. Gnomes are gregarious and friendly, but they are also fascinated
by deception and intrigue. A gnome is happiest when he or she is unearthing a neighbor’s secrets or engaging in subterfuge, even when the only result might be a slight increase in the value of his or her property. Some gnomes think bigger, engaging in espionage and conspiracy that can topple governments. When gnomes find trouble, they usually try to talk or trick their way out of it. Above all, gnomes are a social people.
Gnomes share no common faith; almost every religion of Eberron counts gnomes among its ranks.

Gnome Lands
Zilargo is the land of gnomes. Originally inhabitants of Thelanis, many gnomes immigrated to Zilargo through the feyspires of the eladrin. When the feyspires failed to return to Thelanis, most gnomes stranded in Eberron joined their kin in Zilargo. Some gnomes still live in the feyspires, as well. Whether living in Zilargo or in a feyspire, though, gnomes value their kin and usually live with members of their extended family. Gnome bloodlines are often intertwined through a network of shared secrets and favors.

Dragonmarked Houses
Gnomes that bear the Mark of Scribing comprise House Sivis. The gnomes use the mark’s powers to help facilitate diplomacy, as a tool in the transportation of important messages, and as a means of verifying important documents.


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