The history of dragons stretches back to the dawn of time. Each flight has its own heroes, triumphs, and defeats, and over the course of tens of thousands of years much truth has been lost or consumed by legend. This page addresses events Khorvairian historians have studied, no doubt but a few glittering coins in the vast hoard of draconic history.

The Progenitor Wyrms
The wisest dragons contend that the world was born in battle. According to myth, the emptiness before creation was the domain of three mighty dragons. Golden Siberys was the source of all magic. Gentle Eberron was the fountain of life. Cruel Khyber was the master of secret knowledge, and of the powers that lurk in the darkness. Together, they held dominion over the fate of all, and they pondered the proper shape of the universe.

In the beginning, the Progenitors worked together. They started with the thirteen planes, but as they molded reality, rifts began to form between them. Dark Khyber grew greedy, and noble Siberys responded by becoming more forceful; each sought greater influence in the work. Daanvi, Fernia, and Irian bear the prevailing mark of Siberys. Kythri, Mabar, and Xoriat show the dominant touch of Khyber. Eberron sought to mediate but could not bridge the divide.

When it came time to create the final, central plane, the tensions between Siberys and Khyber could not be contained. The dark one tore into her sibling, mortally wounding the gold dragon and scattering his scales across the sky. Although not powerful enough to defeat her, Eberron knew that Khyber could not be allowed to benefit from her deeds. The gentle one refused to fight Khyber with claw and tooth. Instead, Eberron embraced her, trapping Khyber within her smothering coils. Eberron called on the powers of life, giving birth to soil, tree, and ocean, and so transformed herself into a living prison that Khyber could never escape.

Thus Eberron became the world on which all life grew. To this day, she nurtures and sustains all. Siberys’s remains became the ring around the world; his scattered scales became the stars. Khyber remains trapped within — the Dragon Below, the Mother of Monsters, the source of all darkness – forever struggling to escape and bring an end to it all.

The First Age
In the wake of the battle of the Progenitors, life emerged on the new world. Siberys had fallen in battle, but power remained within his blood. Filled with the purest essence of magic, that blood fell on Eberron, merging life and magic to produce new creatures with the strength of both Progenitors: dragons. And so all the dragons were born, mighty and proud, possessing the mystical power of Siberys and the vibrant life force of Eberron.

Few of the creatures of the modern age existed at the dawn of time. The titans of Xen’drik were in their infancy, possessed of power but lacking knowledge. The lesser races had not been born; the dark creatures had not been spawned. So it was that wild flights of dragons soared above the world, reveling in their might.

The dragons’ only true match were the couatls, the feathered serpents of Sarlona. For all their power, dragons are mortal creatures. They reproduce, they grow old, and in time they die. The couatls stood outside the cycle of life; legends say that the couatls were formed from the pure blood of Siberys before it struck Eberron, and that, as a result, they were truly immortal. They were reborn only after death, so that their numbers remained constant. Though powerful, the couatls kept to Sarlona, leaving the dragons to explore the world.

The Blood of Khyber
For untold millennia, the dragons were the sole lords of Eberron. Then a new threat emerged. Khyber was bound in the depths of Eberron, but this did not eliminate the dark dragon’s power. In time, a host of horrors spawned in the depths. Rakshasas, aboleths, and other terrors emerged to lay claim to the world above. The greatest were the Overlords, fiends with such power that they could almost be called gods. At that time, the dragons were organized into simple flights, which fought with one another as often as not. Scattered and wild, they were no match for the Overlords of Khyber.

The Draconic Prophecy
After the mighty fiends consolidated their hold on the surface world, they ruled over a nightmare kingdom for hundreds of thousands of years. The once-proud dragons were forced into slavery and servitude. The fiendish dominion might have continued until the end of time, if not for the couatl Hezcalipa and a blue dragon named Ourelonastrix. Working together over the course of centuries, these two visionaries studied the sky and stars, and compared their findings with mysterious patterns that appeared on the earth. They became convinced that such study could reveal a map of the future, an outline of the myriad paths history might follow. Ourelonastrix believed it to be the wisdom of the Progenitors, the very blueprint of reality. He called it the Pattern, a complex weaving of time woven through the ages by Siberys and Eberron. These manifestations on the world, he called the Prophecy.


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