Shavarath, the Battleground is a region ever gripped in the throes of war as two groups vie for control of the plane, a host of celestial archons, an infernal regiment of fiends. Some believe Shavarath to sit at the heart of Siberys, and that control of Shavarath means control of the powers of creation or destruction.

Forever in a rough balance of power each of the factions lay siege to one another’s fortresses only to lose their own holdings on other fortresses in the process. Beyond these fortresses, the plain stretches infinitely, with low hills providing the only terrain feature.

When spellcasters summon fiendish servants, they summon them from their fight on Shavarath. During the Last War, many forces augmented their troops with creatures from Shavarath. In addition, many leaders summoned Shavarath’s best strategists to aide their tactics during the war.

During the Last War, many factions also tried to tap into the powers of Shavarath using eldritch machines. For example, the Order of the Emerald Claw tried to build a machine in a manifest zone in Xen’drik, hoping to bring either a demonic horde or a swarm of flying blades from Shavarath and harness it under the command of Karrnath. They ultimately failed.

Coterminous: In times of conflict, when Shavarath draws near to the Material Plane, the effects spill over into it. Magic spells are enhanced or impeded as they are on the Battleground and reports have even come of flocks of Whirling Blades seen on the battlefields. Because of Shavarath’s influence on Eberron, many scholars have tried to pinpoint its travels through the Astral Sea, to determine its influence on the Last War. One set of scholars believes the plane was coterminous in 894 YK, the year the war began, bringing it back into a coterminous phase in 930 YK and 966 YK. However, a second popular belief has it coterminous in the years 890 YK (before the war), 936 YK, 962 YK, and should appear again in the year 999 YK. These scholars have tried to use the Whirling Blade Swarms to pinpoint the phases of Shavarath; however, the Last War created new manifest zones to Shavarath, making evidence unreliable.
Remote: When Shavarath is remote, no known effects manifest on the Material Plane.


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