Krystival Valorek's Spellbook


This spellbook contains a wealth of magical lore that is valuable in its own right. But more important to those who seek it is the tragic history of the book, which was reclaimed from the ruins of Cyre where Krystival Valorek died on the Day of Mourning. Under orders from the Aundairian crown, Krystival had used powerful scrying rituals in his spellbook to spy on the war effort of Cyre’s archmages. Some believe that the lingering magic of those rituals has imbued the spellbook with a record of what caused the Day of Mourning.

As far as can be gathered from the complex code the spellbook is written in, it does not contain the secret of the Day of Mourning. However, there are pieces of the Draconic Prophecy scattered throughout the book. Rose Arron has been translating what she can.

The forces of fallen light
Descend upon break of night
The ancient ties are filled again
The heart’s darkness revived.
Heartless fiends renew broken bonds
Returning all hearts to the shadow.
The darkness grows to greater strength
In the center of Kingdom Hearts

The savior comes to know his destiny
from the Progenitor’s first breaths.
He holds Light as his shield,
but the darkness of hearts still plagues him,
threatening to return to the shadow.

He who is lifeless yet living,
who weaves as he breathes
and Khyber shudders at his grasp.
The storm calls to him
and he answers with fury and wrath.
Faceless he rides, the Traveler’s companion,
pulling those out of darkness and madness
and into the Light.

In his hands he holds the world,
the key to all things within his grasp.
And the darkness will overwhelm him,
the Light fades as the breaking of the world.

The Bringer of Light returns to the broken land,
where all was thrown out of balance,
and in her death throes,
the Dragon Between birthed madness anew.
The key is brought and meets its master
yearning to undo what had been done
in ages long forgotten.

The many-eyed watches,
calling on broken ties and sealed allies,
to shadow the world in a darkness with no end.
On the plains of eternity he shall make his stand,
and the darkness will pierce all.

Krystival Valorek's Spellbook

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