Krystival Valorek's Journal


A journal found on a desk in Krystival Valorek’s home in Metrol. Important entries are listed here:

17 Zarantyr, 983YK
Searching the archives I have discovered some clues about some powerful form of scrying magic, possibly from the Dhakaani empire. It was one obscure reference, but I’m sure Korranberg will have more.

8 Eyre, 983YK
Each one leads to a dead end! Where is this vault? Where are those keys? I even checked Morgrave’s library! Not even Arcanix knows the locations. I must be missing something.

28 Rhaan, 984YK
Finally! A breakthrough! Some writing from a temple in Xen’drik seem to reference this same vault. Magic from the Age of Giants! On Khorvaire! Now I must find it!

3 Lharvion, 991YK
I have found one! One of the keys! To think it was here in Metrol all along, right under my nose! Hopefully I can get it and continue my research. But for now, I must focus on locating the other two. I can almost feel that vault’s secrets calling to me.

4 Olarune, 994YK
Those fools have taken my research! They have no idea the havoc they could cause if they attempt the things I have theorized! Hopefully I can get it back before they mess things up even further.
The eyes continue to show up in my dreams. I still don’t know what they mean…

20 Olarune, 994YK
My mind fades. Those fools have brought ruin on us all! I only pray that Aureon’s light will touch their minds before they bring ruin upon the world as well. The world can never forgive us for what we have done.
I am sorry. It is too late.

Krystival Valorek's Journal

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