High Concept: Agent of the King’s Dark Lanterns
Trouble: Hot-headed and impatient
Race: Changeling
+5: Melee      +4: Athletics      +3: Stealth      +2: Provoke      +1: Notice
Because I am a master assassin, I gain a +2 bonus to melee rolls when taking my target by surprise.


Race: Changeling
Age: 20 (Therendor 8, 980YK)
Height: 5’ 8"
Eyes: White
Hair: White, Straight
Skin: White
Region of Origin: Breland (Sharn)
Personality: Adventurous, confident, and sometimes cocky, she has a soft spot for her sister. While he’s a fair bit hot-headed and impatient, she can be counted on to help you through anyways.

Also known as Lantern Hawk, Skye is Rae’s twin sister and an agent of the Dark Lanterns.

After the death of their parents, Skye grew up on the streets of Sharn alongside Rae, picking up some skill as a thief. However, Rae far outclassed her in thievery, and so she left Rae to pursue her own purpose in life in the city of Wroat. She eventually became an agent of the King’s Dark Lanterns under Viorr as an incredibly skillful assassin. She later broke Rae out of prison and helped her join the Dark Lanterns as well.


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