Nothing is impossible, what you want is simply expensive.

Race: Warforged
Age: 15 (Eyre 15, 985YK)
Height: 6’ 2"
Eyes: Amber
Hair: None
Skin: Iron
Appearance: Ratchet is more slim than other warforged who are meant for combat. But he is still 6’ 2" tall. He wears a simple black traveling cloak and a bunch of pouches around his belt. Other than that, he doesn’t wear much. One of his most striking features is the fact that, while he did see a lot of combat, he looks as good as new. Ratchet loves modifying and rebuilding himself, so he always looks in tip-top shape. He carries a satchel that is, in fact, a handy haversack. Upon closer inspection, one could also notice that his arms seem to be able to internally rotate. In each forearm, Ratchet has installed 4 wand holsters which allow him to switch to different wands with only a thought.
Region of Origin: Cyre
Personality: Calm, rational, and robotic, but not afraid to attempt some forms of emotions to “fit in.”

Ratchet was specially designed by House Cannith and meant to assist in magical weapons research and development (mostly gruntwork and repetitive magical tasks).

He was eventually purchased by House Deneith to work for the Sentinel Marshals in Karrlakton, and he was assigned to be partners with Niv “Hyperblade” d’Deneith. The pair became fast friends and are neigh inseparable. With the end of the Last War and the signing of the Treaty of Thonehold, Niv resigned from the Marshals along with Ratchet who was now considered a person and not property and wanted to embrace his new-found freedom. After roaming the continent of Khorvaire, they eventually settled in the city of Sharn and founded Odd-jobs Incorporated as a venue to use the skills they developed during the war.


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