Niv "Hyperblade" d'Deneith

This blade is a multi-purpose tool. In my left hand, it cuts down my enemies. In my right, It protects the weak and those important to me. I do this not for the money, but because it is right.

Niv by Jak-of-Altraydes

Race: Human
Age: 38 (Olarune 10, 962YK)
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
Skin: Tan
Clothing: Wears a red scarf, goggles, scale mail, which is covered by a dark navy blue vest. Pants are of matching color with the vest. Often seen wearing silver bracers, black belt and boots.
Region of Origin: Breland
Personality: Niv is an aloof and carefree character, except when it comes to defending his friends and in the midst of combat, where his mental prowess and experience as a former military officer shines through. When he fails to perform to the standards that he sets for himself, Niv feels extremely disappointed and puts himself through an even more rigorous training session than he did the previous time that he “fell short”, in an effort to become stronger. Niv views the members of Odd-jobs Incorporated as more than just co-workers or associates; he considers them the family that he always wanted. The familial bond between Niv and his friends is best demonstrated between himself and his oldest friend, Ratchet. While the two often argue and fight(like brothers often do), Niv cares for Ratchet and is willing to put his life on the line for him. Niv’s blunt nature and lack of overall foresight leads most people to believe him to be a simpleton, but Niv is actually quite intelligent. He has demonstrated pockets of intelligence through his ability to formulate battle tactics and improvise plans on the fly. However, his fiery passion and emotional nature often gets in the way of his thought process.
Dragonmark: Mark of Sentinel
Dragonmark Location: Left side of chest, over heart

Niv is a native of Breland and a veteran of the Last War, where he fought for Breland (981YK). When his dragonmark manifested during battle (985YK), Niv was contacted by House Deneith and asked if he would like to join the House as a foundling, changing his name to Niv d’Deneith. After serving for a year in the Blademarks Guild, Niv carried out simple tasks in the Defenders Guild as a body guard, but upon proving himself in and out of combat, he was asked to join the Sentinel Marshals (987YK). He met Ratchet during this time (988YK) and they became fast friends and a great team. When the war ended, Niv left the Sentinel Marshals for unknown reasons, returning to Sharn to found Odd-jobs Incorporated with Ratchet as a way to use their skills. Upon his resignation, he unofficially left House Deneith and returned his name to Niv Hyperblade.

Niv "Hyperblade" d'Deneith

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