Neya ir'Krell

Aundarian Diplomat and Royal Eyes Agent


High Concept: Agent of the Royal Eyes
Trouble: “I can’t help it if I tend to go off topic!”
Race: Human
+5: Decieve +4: Diplomacy +3: Ranged +2: Empathy +1: Psychokinesis
My mastery of etiquette leaves me comfortable, and even glib, in any situation. I never suffer any increased difficulty from unfamiliarity with my setting, making it easy to maneuver through local customs I haven’t encountered before, and to cover up any gaffes with a laugh and a sparkle in my eye.


Race: Human
Age: 29 (Olarune 27, 971 YK)
Height: 5’ 9"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown, Wavy
Skin: Light Tan
Region of Origin: Aundair
Personality: Very curious person who enjoys asking questions even if they don’t have to do with the current topic. Tends to get sidetracked.

Aundarian diplomat and works for the Royal Eyes of Aundair. She was the host of the masquerade ball “Night of a Thousand Stars”, which was designed to entertain guests and provide an environment where various covert transactions could occur. One of these transactions was between her and Lucan. She provided Lucan with traveling papers and letters of passage that will get him safely and discreetly to Karrnath.

Neya ir'Krell

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