Andres Derane


High Concept: Swashbuckling Adventurer
Trouble: Impulsive to the extreme
Race: Half-elf
Mark of Storm
+4: Notice +3: Melee +2: Athletics +1: Contacts
Because I have the Mark of Storm, I can make a Melee attack against every opponent in my zone, dividing my roll between them as I see fit.


“You are without doubt the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of.” “But you have heard of me.”

Race: Half-elf
Age: 67 (Nymm 23, 933 YK)
Height: 5’ 10"
Eyes: Red
Hair: Black with a purple tint, short
Skin: Tan
Region of Origin: The Lhazaar Principalities
Personality: Loves to find adventure and excitement no matter how dangerous.
Dragonmark: Mark of Storm
Dragonmark Location: Left forearm

Captain of the elemental galleon Stormblade.

While he does have the Dragonmark of Storm, he is not a member of House Lyrandar. He was asked to join as a foundling, but did not accept the invitation. He is still respected by the House and even purchased his ship, Stormblade, from them, but he does not work for the House.

He loves getting deep into trouble and is always willing to go on an adventure. For the right price of course.

Andres Derane

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