Timeline of Eberron

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This is an abbreviated timeline of events in the world of Eberron. For a more thorough timeline, please see The Grand History of Eberron created by Christopher J. Monte. The main differences between this timeline and the Grand History’s are the origin of the elves and the development of a dragonborn empire.

The Age of Dragons

Date: ???
In the mythic past, the world was one and the progenitor wyrms, the first and greatest of dragonkind, ruled all. The three most powerful – Siberys, Eberron, and Khyber – discovered (or created) the Prophecy. A world-shattering
struggle followed, splitting the world into three parts and scattering the Prophecy across
the width and breadth of existence.

Khyber and Siberys disagreed over the Prophecy and battled with one another. Khyber was victorious over Siberys, and sought to take control of the Prophecy, only to be attacked by Eberron. Eberron wrapped his coils about Khyber, trapping the evil wyrm.

In the end, Siberys’ shattered body became the Dragon Above – the glowing ring that surrounds the world. Khyber, still trapped in Eberron’s coils, became the Dragon Below and the source for all great evils. Eberron healed the World Between by becoming one with it. Siberys called forth the next generation of dragons, Eberron created all manner of other living things, and Khyber spat out the fiends.

The Age of Demons

Date: -10,000,000 YK

  • Khyber’s fiendish offspring overrun the surface world, creating a hellish enviroment where rakshasas and night hags rule supreme.

Date: -1,500,000 YK

  • Dragons rediscover the Prophecy and rise from their primitive state to oppose their demonic overlords, allying with other draconic species, including the couatls. The common races, still in primitive states, hide from the godlike combatants and find a way to survive.

Date: -100,000 YK

  • Couatls sacrifice most of their number to send the most powerful of the demon lords and the
    majority of the fiends back to Khyber, where they are trapped for eternity. The dragons retreat to Argonnessen to contemplate the Prophecy, ignoring the “lesser races.”

The Age of Giants

Date: -80,000 YK

  • The giants rise from the ruins of the dragon-fiend wars to establish vast and powerful civilizations on the continent of Xen’drik. They enslave the eladrin of Shae Tirias Tolai, and through magical experimentation produce elves and drow from this stock.

Date: -60,000 YK

  • Dragons make contact with the giant kingdoms and begin to teach the giants how to use arcane magic. The elves watch and learn from their place at the giants’ heels. The giants quickly master the arcane arts, creating wonders unequaled even in the modern day,

Date: -40,000 YK

  • An extraplanar host comes to Xen’drik from Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams. After years
    of battle, the giants call upon the magic of the dragons to defeat quori and shatter the physical connections between Eberron and Dal Quor. This planar upheaval shakes Xen’drik to its core and plunges large chunks of the continent beneath the sea.

Date: -39,000 YK

  • The remaining giant kingdoms never quite recover from the events of the struggle with the quori. Horrible curses and plagues sweep through the land, and the elves use the opportunity to rebel. In desperation, the giants again turn to the same magic they used to stop the quori. Before they can unleash such destruction a second time, the dragons attack. Giant civilization crumbles, the drow go into hiding in the Xen’drik wilderness, and the elves flee to the island-continent of Aerenal.

The Age of Monsters

Date: -38,000 YK

  • The giants revert to primitive monsters living in the ruins of their shattered civilization as the dragons return to their secluded continent and the elves settle Aerenal. On Khorvaire, the first of the goblin kingdoms rises in the area that will become Breland and Darguun.

Date: -30,000 YK

  • Orc nations arise in western Khorvaire to compete with the goblin kingdoms.

Date: -25,000 YK

  • The Undying Court appears in Aerenal. First skirmish between the elves and the dragons,
    which sets a pattern of long periods of peace punctuated by short, devastating battles every few hundred years.

Date: -16,000 YK

  • The Dhakaani unite the goblin nations to create the greatest empire the goblins have ever known. The Gatekeepers appear among the orcs of western Khorvaire.

Date: -15,000 YK

  • Founding of Ja’shaarat, the first settlement at the site of modern Sharn.

Date: -14,000 YK

  • Flourishing and fall of the dragonborn empire of Q’barra.

Date: -12,000 YK

Date: -10,000 YK

  • Tairnadal elves from northern Aerenal establish a colony in what is now present-day Valenar. Peaceful coexistence doesn’t last, and the elves come into conflict with the Dhakaani. The elves abandon the colony when another clash with the dragons threatens Aerenal.

Date: -9,000

  • The Daelkyr War decimates the western reaches of Khorvaire. Ja’shaarat becomes the desolate ruins of Duur’shaarat.

Date: -5,000

  • Weakened by the Daelkyr War, the Dhakaani Empire is shattered by infighting and civil strife, eventually leading to the collapse of the goblin civilization.

Current Age

Date: -3,200 YK

  • The Mark of Hospitality appears among halflings of the Talenta Plains. The Mark of Shadow and the Mark of Death appear among the elves of Aerenal. The dragons watch in awe and horror as the Prophecy begins to unfold among the “lesser” races.

Date: -3,000 YK

Date: -2,800 YK

Date: -2,600

  • The Mark of Sentinel appears among humans of pre-Galifar Karrnath. House Vol, which carries the Mark of Death, is wiped out in Aerenal. Vol the lich is created. House Phiarlan leaves Aerenal to relocate among the humans of Khorvaire.

Date: -2,500 YK

  • The distinct settlements that will become the Five Nations are cut out of goblin controlled central Khorvaire. The Mark of Making appears among humans of pre-Galifar Cyre. The Mark of Warding appears among the dwarves of the Mror Holds.

Date: -2,200 YK

  • Breggor the Bear conquers Shaarat and rebuilds it as Sharn.

Date: -2,000 YK

  • Karrn the Conquerer establishes the nation of Karrnath, defeats the remaining goblinoid settlements, and unsuccessfully attempts to conquer the other four human nations. The Mark of Storm appears among half-elves of pre-Galifar Thrane.

Date: -1,900 YK

Date: -1,800 YK

  • Ilse Mark 0111 and, ing appears among humans in tlw Meet’ Rem lies. Kalashitar mach Satinet’. fleeing Dal (bier and t he persec titiott of the quori.

Date: -1,500 YK

  • The quori begin their subtle contptest of Sarlotta, igniting wars acme: the continent. A second %rave of bantams re ticht•s Khor vaire’s western shores. The Mark of Detection appears among half-elves of pre t ;alifar Breland. 11w dragonmarked houses launch the War of the Mark to end the threat of Awe rani and mixed marks. Sharit is razed in the war. The Theist- is established.

Date: – 1,043 YK

  • Galifar Lis iot a in Karrnath.

Date: -1,022 YK

  • Galifar assumes the throne of Kart- oath-

Date: -1,012 YK

  • Gahlar begins his campaign to unite the Five Nations.

Date: -1,005 YK

  • Galffar snakes a deal with the dragonmarked houses. offering them neutral stains in r w hit/1g far so:111;w in his campaign,

Date: -1,000 YK

  • ’Flw Mark of Finding appears among humans and ha lfores of the Shadow ,11arches. Skarn rebuilt.

Date: 1 YK

  • Galifar I and his five sc ions—Cyre. Karin. ltrane. Aundair. and lirry—take control of the Five Nations and establish the Kingdom of Galifar.

Date: 15 YK

  • Galifar L establishes the Arcane Congress..

Date: 28 YK

  • Galifar-LIEtaar War. a decade .long conflict. begins.

Date: 321 YK

  • The five Nations of (Sal am adopt the names of King Galifar’s s-hildern as their Mil.

Date: 401 YK

  • tialifar, now eiglity.five years old, steps down and passes: the crown ol the kingdom to his oldest remaining scion. Cyre.

Date: 53 YK

  • ifar I dies.

Date: 1061 YK

  • 1 fexise Kundarak is mogul/et! In the established dragonmarked houses_

Date: 299 YK

  • 11w Church of 11w Silser Flame is born_

Date: 347 YK

  • lionise 14 rondos takes possession of an island off the coast of Auntlair to create Storinboanc.

Date: 498 YK

  • ’loose %•s discosers the Mark of Finding while exploring the Shadow Marches. 1louse Iliarashk is created shortlyy. thereafter.

Date: 512 YK

  • King 1)am-on orders the coma ruci Inn (Ache Starpeaks Observatory.

Date: 778 YK

  • Medusas from Khyber take possession of CazitaakDraal.

Date: 789 YK

  • !loose Sivis message stations begin operations.

Date: 802 YK

  • The Kingdom of Galifar. in cooperation with 11w dragonmarked houses, funds the upgrade of the trade city. of Siormrear ft on the northern peninsula of Xen’dril: Ell YE First lightning rail connects Hamel:cep and fairhasen.

Date: 832 YK

  • The inquisition to ss apt- out lyeant !tropes Is launched by tide Chun h of the Silver flame; it lasts filly years and drivestlw species almost to extinction.

Date: 845 YK

  • King !arm begins a public works project to connect all of central Klux% aim by lightning
    rails. Within twenty years. lines connect the Fist Nations. Zilargo. the Mror llolds. and the Talenta

Date: 878 YK

  • House Deneith lx-gins to provide clients with goblin mercenaries from Da rguun region.

Date: 894 YK

  • Xing J a rot. the last ruler of Gal ‘far. dies. -Huhn. Kan’s. and Wroann reject the sac cession of Mishan rt. Wrogar kicks his sister’s claim, and the last War begins.

Date: 896 YK

Date: 897 YK

  • Kaicec I turned into a vampire by Vol the licit.

Date: 910 YK

  • Kaius II ascends to tine thmite of Karrnath after Kaius 1 fakes his death and goes in starch of is was to hoe his kingdom front the Blood of Vol,

Date: 914 YK

  • The Mros Holds des hates its independence_ Thal in ofThrane dies and the Church of the Silver Hamm seizes comic-a of the nation

Date: 918 YK

  • Unk non it 5n11wArt$ rs (km my the Glass Tower of Sham_

Date: 928 YK

  • Ven irKesslan beads settler.: from the rise Nations to forge the nation of Qharra.

Date: 956 YK

  • flex elf mercenaries of the Follies Tairn annex southwestern Cs-re and declar• the some cignis of the elf nation ol ‘’aienar.

Date: 958 YK

  • The Ekken Reac•Ites declares itself an inde • pendent nation under the protection oldie Wardens of the Wood and hie guiclaiwe oft he G re-al Druid Dalian.

Date: 961 YK

  • Boranel becomes king of Umtata’.

Date: 962 YK

  • Zilargo formally aligns w tilt Breland.

Date: 965 YK

  • House Ca rinith perfects the modern-era warforged.living constructs designed to fight tits’ Last War.

Date: 969 YK

  • ’tannic leach: the hobgoblin rebellion. and the natkat of Dargisun is horn.

Date: 972 YK

  • ;loose 1luirarurti splits nil fr I louse Mita rlan.

Date: 976 YK

  • Regent Moranna oi Ka rrnat h outhovs the Order of the IF_ inetald

Date: 980 YK

  • Queen Aurala’s reign of Aundair begins.

Date: 986 YK

  • A trio of hags known as the Daughters of Soca Keil arrive in DMaalll WW1 an army of trol ls, ogres. and gnolls.

Date: 987 YK

  • King Roranel pulls settlers hack and seals off the land west of the tira5ss•al I Mon ma ins. The Daughters of Sara Keildecla re the sommigniy lithe nation esl Ilrceuleirn_

Date: 990 YK

  • Tlw first elemental airships go into service for ! louse Ls -randar.

Date: 991 YK

  • Kaim Ill’s rule of Karrnath begins.

Date: 993 YK

  • jack Darin assumes the puree, of the Keeper of the Silver Hume.

Date: 994 YK

  • Cyre is destroyed: the Mournland is created.

Date: 996 YK

  • The Treaty of Thronehold officially ends the Fast War. Tlw treaty. officially recognizes
    the nations or ro,,Ir,, Breland , •hranc• Karrnat h. the Talenta Zilargo. (Marra. the Lhazaar Principalities, the Muir 11oLds. the ilken Rea•l•s. )lupines. and Valetta r. Hiause Can nit h is ordered to destroy all creation forges: the remaining svortorged are granted the rights of sentient beings.

Timeline of Eberron

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