Map of Thrane

O Silver Flame, light the way
Through war and darkness and despair;
O Silver Flame, we shall not stray!
Spirit of Thrane, hear our prayer.
No foe can dim your argent glow
No child can live beyond your light
With swords in hand,
Your soldiers stand,
O Silver Flame, burn ever bright!
— “Light the Way,” Thrane’s national anthem

One night in the month of Olarune in 299 YK, the settlers and farmers of Thrane saw dark clouds gathering over the Tamor Hills. A ruddy glow rose from a fissure in the hills. Those who explored the chasm did not return. As months passed, fiends and bloodthirsty beasts crawled out of the fissure from the depths of Khyber and threatened the land. This Year of Blood and Fire was a time of great terror, but it was also a time of inspiration. The paladin of the Sovereign Host Tira Miron gathered priests and soldiers to fight against the darkness. Armed with a singular vision, she ultimately confronted the evil forces within the Tamor Gap, binding their fiendish Overlord and transforming its dark flame to a font of silver light. Through her sacrifice, she became a spiritual vessel for the Silver Flame, a conduit through which it could touch the souls of others.

Many in Thrane see the Year of Blood and Fire as a turning point. Inspired by Tira’s sacrifice and guided by her spirit, Thranes destroyed or drove off the remaining fiends. The common folk turned to the new Church in droves, and the citadel of Flamekeep was soon established over the spot of Tira Miron’s sacrifice. The Church of the Silver Flame spread across Khorvaire, but Thrane remained at its heart. The good people of Thrane had seen the horror of unrestrained evil, and they were determined to stand against that darkness. At times, this missionary zeal spun out of control. Queen Joliana’s fervor for the Flame nearly shattered the kingdom of Galifar centuries before the death of King Jarot. However, most of the followers of the Flame have shown tolerance toward those who pursue other faiths, saving their strength to battle inhuman and supernatural evil.

If the Year of Blood and Fire was the first major turning point in the history of Thrane, the second was surely the death of King Thalin. The Council of Cardinals had grown in power and influence, and Thalin’s heir, Prince Daslin, was seen as weak. Above all, the nation was at war. It took little effort on the part of the cardinals to convince the people to raise the Church above the throne, and Daslin himself acceded to the demand without a struggle. In 914 YK, Thrane officially embraced the Church of the Silver Flame as its ruling body, becoming the first true theocracy in Khorvaire.

While a few archbishops and cardinals crave personal power, most believe that the rule of the Silver Flame is best for Thrane and for Khorvaire. This uncompromising religious zeal made it difficult for Thrane to form lasting alliances during the Last War, but the resolve of its clerics and paladins allowed the nation to hold its own even when beset from all sides. The new Keeper of the Flame, Jaela Daran, does not believe that war within Khorvaire serves the goals of the Church. However, many knights and cardinals still yearn to see a new Galifar united under the all-encompassing glow of the Silver Flame. And in the shadows of the court, the symbolic queen, the Blood Princess Diani ir’ Wynarn, looks back on the history of her family and dreams of returning her line to the vacant throne of Thrane.

Imagine being surrounded on all sides by angry, resentful neighbors, and you can begin to understand how the common Thrane feels. Thrane shares borders with all four of its longtime enemies, and Thrane alone abandoned the royal bloodline of Galifar in favor of a theocracy. Moreover, Thrane seized parcels of land from Aundair and Breland—territory that Queen Aurala and King Boranel would like returned. Thrane has also been duly chastised for its cruelty. It demonstrated a startling lack of compassion when it denied Cyran refugees a new home after the destruction of their homeland, and vengeful Karrns resent Thrane for the ruthless wyvernrider firebombing of their capital of Korth — an audacious attack that left the imperious Karrn citizens feeling vulnerable and defenseless. Surrounded by such resentment, Thranes can ill-afford to lead carefree lives. However, they take great comfort in the Silver Flame, for it has never broken their trust or led them astray.


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