The Shadow Marches

Map of the Shadow Marches

A land of fetid marshes and biting insects, primitive tribes and slithering serpents, the Shadow Marches is a region the rest of Khorvaire could happily ignore – were it not startlingly rich in dragonshards, and were it not the location o f a dragonmarked house’s enclave.

Although not every last inch of the Shadow Marches is swampland, it’s true that most of it is — and those regions that aren’t are either thick woods or already heavily farmed. The Shadow Marches is not a recognized nation and have no overarching authority, so no law exists to prevent the few arable regions from being rapidly exhausted. Most inhabitants dwell on a subsistence level. They construct homes on stilts and raise the few food crops — rice being the most common – that thrive in the marsh.

The majority of Marchers live in clans scattered across the Shadow Marches. Although all are primitive by the standards of the Five Nations, many have intricate crafts, ancient traditions, and a willingness to interact with outsiders. Others, however, are savages in the worst senses of the word, attacking outsiders on sight and worshiping strange spirits of the wild. The former dwell on the outskirts of the swamps, whereas the latter make their homes deeper in the bog, but this tendency is not a fixed rule.

The Shadow Marches

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