The Royal Eyes of Aundair

The Five Nations fight a cold war using spies and saboteurs, dueling with information rather than swords and spells. Few of the individuals who traffick in secrets and subterfuge arc as proficient as the members of Aundair’s Royal Eyes.

The Royal Eyes is as old as Aundair itself, first formed when Lady Aundair came to power. Not trusting her sworn lords, she charged her allies and followers with safeguarding her regency. These operatives watched the vassal lords, protected their mistress, and thwarted conspiracies that rose against her.

Over the centuries, the Royal Eyes has expanded its operations and looked beyond Aundair’s borders. examining developments in the other realms. When old rivalries blossomed into suspicion and eventually violence, the Tower of the Eyes began dispatching agents to infiltrate enemy organizations, royal courts. and other institutions, legal and otherwise. These agents report their findings to Aundair, where the Spy Master gathers salient aspects and files reports with the crown. Today, the Royal Eyes considers itself the best-informed agency in Khorvaire.

A saying is often heard at Queen Aurala’s court: “The Royal Eyes are watching.” Few appreciate the meaning behind the warning, thinking it only a way to chastise the incautious. In truth, it remarks on Aurala’s spies, who are everywhere and can be anyone.

The Royal Eyes of Aundair

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