The Mror Holds

Map of the Mror Holds

Ancestral home to all of Khorvaire‘s dwarves, the Mror Holds are located in a rugged frontier region of rocky plains and craggy mountains. Here, dwarven clans compete to mine the rich veins of ore and for the money and trade of the continent’s nations.

The Mror Holds is not a single nation but a confederation of dwarven clans. Galifar conquered the Mror Holds nearly a thousand years ago, a victory partly due to the clans’ ceaseless internecine wars, and the dwarves declared their independence during the Last War. The clans still compete and engage in feuds, but these conflicts now take the form of political machinations and economic struggles, rather than open war.

The Iron Council, a body consisting o f representatives of every clan except House Kundarak (which remains neutral), governs the Mror Holds. The council’s primary purpose is to mediate disputes and make decisions that affect all clans equally. Other than these issues, however, the clans govern themselves, making alliances with outside nations, selling the finest ores available on Khorvaire, and (through House Kundarak) providing banking services.

Locations in the Mror Holds

The Mror Holds

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