The Demon Wastes

Map of the Demon Wastes

At the northwestern edge of Khorvaire, the blasted lands form a twisted window into the past. For here, where monsters roam and barbarian tribes eke out an existence amid the horrors, is the loudest echo of the Age of Demons, a land that hasn’t fully recovered even after thousands of years.

The majority of creatures native to the Demon Wastes are monsters, lesser demons and fiends who have slipped free from Khyber or monstrous humanoids who would slaughter strangers rather than speak to them. Human and orc barbarian clans — called Carrion Tribes by outsiders – roam the badlands. Most tribes are as violent and twisted as the monsters that dwell here, and they devote themselves to demonic powers, but a rare few stand fast against the crushing evil, seeking to defeat it or at least to prevent it from spreading to the lands beyond. Foremost among these are the Ghaash’kala, a confederation of four clans of orcs that devote themselves to containing the malign influence of the Demon Wastes. Over the years, the clans have accepted half-orcs, humans, and tieflings as members.

Despite the dangers, adventurers and expeditions travel here, seeking to exploit the rich resources, both mineral and magical, that the Demon Wastes have to offer. Many such foolish explorers never return, but those who do become rich. House Tharashk is the only civilized entity to have a permanent enclave here — that anyone knows of, anyway.

The Demon Wastes

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