House Deneith

“Galifar lies in ruins, destroyed by its own folly, but our rights and duties cannot be set aside. Our oaths bind us still. Let those who would oppose the law know us, and end their days in fear.”
—Endira d’Deneith, Sentinel Marshal of House Deneith

The proud humans of House Deneith carry the Mark of Sentinel. Born in pre-Galifar Karrnath about twenty-six hundred years ago, today the house offers the services of the Defenders Guild and Blademarks Guild, one devoted to protection and the other to supply mercenaries to the highest bidders. From his base of operations in Karrlakton, Baron Breven d’Deneith controls the guilds and oversees the activities of the Sentinel Marshals who, by ancient Galifaran decree and the Treaty of Thronehold, provide law and order across national boundaries.

Since the rise of Galifar, House Deneith has held to a military structure. Heirs of the house are expected to serve in the Defenders Guild, the Blademarks, or the Sentinel Marshals, and leaders of the house are usually chosen from the generals of the Blademarks.

Because of its mercenary forces, Deneith holds the most significant military power among the dragonmarked houses. In the past, it has strictly abided by its vow of neutrality, selling its services to those on both sides of any conflict. With the Five Nations weakened by the Last War, some within the house feel that it is time for Deneith to exercise its power to forge a new kingdom.

The Defenders Guild provides personal protection, including skilled bodyguards and wizards who can place warding spells on their charges. The Blademarks Guild manages mercenary activities across Khorvaire. Members of House Deneith serve as officers, trainers, and strategists, but the rank-and-file soldiers of the Blademarks are largely hired mercenaries. The hobgoblins of Darguun and the elves of Valenar both have strong representation in the forces of Deneith, but most of the house’s soldiers are human. One noteworthy troop is the League of the Bitter Blade. This mercenary band is composed of soldiers who served in the elite Queen’s Guard of Cyre and are now left with no war to fight and no kingdom to return to — their only home is found in the unit. But should Cyran exiles seek to rebuild their lost nation, the Bitter Blades might form the core of its reborn military forces.

House Deneith

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