Map of Darguun

Depending upon one’s point of view, Darguun is either the strong rightful heir of a defeated land, or it’s a scab growing over the wounds of deception and deceit. A nation of warriors built on the ruins of Cyran settlements, Darguun was born less than three decades ago in a single moment of betrayal. A harsh, dangerous land, Darguun still struggles to determine precisely what sort of nation it is — and what kind it will become.

Before the Last War , the region now called Darguun was a territory of Cyre. The goblins of the nearby mountains were retained as mercenaries by House Deneith and hired out to the various nations (mostly Cyre) during the war. The hobgoblin warlord Haruuc instigated the sudden, bloody rebellion against the goblins’ Cyran employers, driving the humans and other races out or enslaving them, Haruuc declared the territory he seized to be the independent goblin nation of Darguun. Today, Darguun is ruled by the Lhesh Haruuc Shaarat’kor, the King of the Crimson Blade. Haruuc is of the Ghaal’dar, the strongest of Darguun’s tribes.

Darguun goblins conduct slaving raids on nearby communities, and travelers through the nation are subject to attack and capture unless they carry a flag of passage purchased in one of Darguun’s major cities or at a Darguun embassy. It is a lawless nation by others’ standards. However, the goblins do have a code of rule; it’s just not one most outsiders generally recognize. The nations of Khorvaire despise Darguun but consider its existence a necessary evil, preferring the current situation to having the multitudes of goblins completely uncontrolled and uncontained as they once were.

Locations in Darguun


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