Map of Aundair

All folk of the brightest realm, wave the flag for victory!
Build the walls high that none can harm a land so free!
Aundair is on the move! Hold your standard high!
March on! March on!
Aundair strives on until victory is ours!
—March of Tensin, the Aundairian anthem

Aundair is a land of earth and sky. On the ground, common folk plow fields and raise crops, toiling to make the land’s villages and communities thrive. The nation’s fields and vineyards are among the most bountiful in all Khorvaire, tended by the same families for generations. Although the nation’s largest cities attract traders and adventurers from across the continent, most of its citizens live a simple, rural existence. Yet for all their earthy wisdom, idealists inspire the citizens of Aundair, including the nation’s arcane mages. Cynics scoff that powerful wizards act as the power behind the throne of Queen Aurala, but there is little evidence that the arcane has an undue influence on the Crown. While the nation utilizes master mages for its defense, the common folk are quite capable of defending themselves. They are steadfast, trusting to what they know, what they can make, and what they can defend by themselves. The trials of the last century have only strengthened their resolve. Without magic, the average Aundairian works long and hard to succeed. With it, she is even stronger.

While the kingdom has orders of knighthood, militias drafted from the common folk bolster its standing armies. This is as much out of tradition as necessity — large and extended families are common, and any threat of danger can bring distant relations running to help. When war looms, young men and women gather in the fields to train with simple and martial weapons. Like a thunderstorm rolling across the plains, a noble’s call to battle can marshal armies overnight, mustering commoners willing to fight and die for their land and queen.

When the martial wizards of Arcanix, the Starpeaks Academy, and other secluded schools emerge from their studies, their combined force is undeniable. Enemy tacticians can prepare for an assault against an Aundairian army, but predicting the ways of wizards is far more difficult. To this day, wizards, sorcerers, magewrights, and artificers are held in high esteem.

The influence of wizardry and sorcery has fostered respect for intellect and wit in Aundair. From commoners to kings, most Aundairians have strong opinions and enjoy a spirited debate. A typical peasant may possess an encyclopedic knowledge of local and natural lore, while a lord or lady can often regale listeners with local history. Although labor offers its own rewards, the average Aundairian believes that intellect and dedication can overcome nearly any problem. Magic merely empowers and exemplifies these traits. In fact, respect for quick wits and intellectual discipline may very well be one of the reasons so many talented wizards come from this land.

Aundair, the land of wizards in floating castles, ivy-covered universities, fragrant vineyards, and golden wheat fields, struggles to reclaim past glories in the wake of the Last War. The nation is not what it once was, having lost land and people to the Eldeen Reaches while trading territory with Thrane. Still, it is a proud land, full of proud people, led by a proud and ambitious queen. The common folk of this largely agrarian country stand fast to defend their land, valuing wit and bravado and demonstrating a powerful connection to knowledge and magic.

Before there was a Galifar, the human settlement that would eventually become Aundair grew up along the northwestern shore of Scions Sound, in the approximate location of the modern-day city of Thaliost. In fact, that city carries the original name of the nation as a reminder of its beginnings. It was not until later, as the nation spread to the west, that Fairhaven became its capital.

Today, Aundair holds a long sliver of land that stretches from the Eldeen Bay and Scions Sound to the Blackcaps in the south, and is bordered on the west by the Wynarn River. The eastern border is harder to identify, and is hotly disputed with Thrane.

Aundair spent most of the Last War in battles against Karrnath and Thrane, and those nations remain rivals to this day. The Treaty of Thronehold established Scions Sound as the border between Aundair and Karrnath, and the two nations eye each other warily over coastlines that bristle with defenses. At any given time, most of the Aundairian Navy’s flotillas are patrolling Scions Sound and Eldeen Bay, keeping a close eye on their Karrnathi counterparts. Aundairians keenly feel the loss of the Thaliost region in the east, which wound up in Thrane’s hands after the Treaty of Thronehold. Many Aundairians mutter that Thaliost is “Aundair’s by heritage” and believe that Queen Aurala’s diplomats capitulated too easily. Other Aundairians point out that Thrane’s Army of the Northern Crusade was camped in Thaliost when the treaty was signed (and have been in control of the region, for the most part, since 977 YK), so it is not surprising that Thrane wound up with this chunk of land. Aundair would very much like to reclaim Thaliost — through either diplomatic or military means.

The loss of territory on the western border also continues to haunt Aundair and its leaders. Forty years ago, the nation lost two-thirds of its land mass and a fifth of its people when the Eldeen Reaches declared independence. Periodic efforts during the Last War to reclaim “Western Aundair” met with bloody failure, and a low-intensity guerrilla war still wages between the Aundairian Army’s border garrisons and the people of the Eldeen Reaches.

Despite the loss of territory, Aundair has strengths that match its strategic ambitions. Aundair’s army and navy are slowly rebuilding from their low point at the end of the war, and periodic saber-rattling about “liberating Thaliost” ensures a steady stream of young recruits. The Arcane Congress provides the country with access to arcane magic that often exceeds that available anywhere outside the dragonmarked houses. Moreso than any other nation, Aundair integrates arcane magic into its military efforts—from the spell-flinging sorcerer attached to an infantry squad and the artificer-built arcane weaponry, to the summoned creatures and earthshaking spells of mighty wizards. This arcane potency is enough to make any enemy think twice before clashing with Aundair.

Bolstered by the magical might of the Arcane Congress, the military forces of Aundair are far more than a ragtag militia of farmers. The common troops are better trained — and far more determined — than their enemies usually give them credit for. Put together, the Knights Arcane and the diehard foot soldiers of Aundair remain a significant military force to be reckoned with. Aundairians are prone to claim that they would never have given up fighting the war had it not been for the Treaty of Thronehold, asserting that the war would certainly have been theirs by virtue of grim determination if nothing else. “Queen Aurala may have surrendered,” they are apt to say, “but my neighbors and I would have fought to the death to defend our lands.” Indeed, none of the Five Nations seems as eager to reawaken the war as Aundair. The loss of the Thaliost region to Thrane and the Eldeen Reaches remain a bitter blow, and many Aundairians long to see their nation reclaim what they see as rightly theirs.

Locations in Aundair


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