Tag: Warforged


  • Ratchet

    Nothing is impossible, what you want is simply expensive.
    *Race:* [[Warforged]] *Age:* 15 (Eyre 15, 985YK) *Height:* 6' 2" *Eyes:* Amber *Hair:* None *Skin:* Iron *Appearance:* Ratchet is more slim than other warforged …

  • Titan

    bq). Hmph. *Race:* [[Warforged]] *Age:* 42 *Height:* 6' 6" *Eyes:* Red *Hair:* None *Skin:* Steel *Appearance:* Titan was built for war. Scars litter his body, but he wears them out of pride and wishes for them not to be repaired. His weapon of …

  • Aurax

    *Race:* [[Warforged]] *Age:* 4 *Height:* 6' 5" *Eyes:* Yellow *Hair:* None *Skin:* Gold *Region of Origin:* [[The Mournland | Cyre]] *Personality:* Has an incredible obsession with gold, but will protect [[:drago-daarn]] with his life.

  • Syrmice

    *Race:* [[Warforged]] *Age:* 4 *Eyes:* Red *Hair:* None *Skin:* Iron *Region of Origin:* [[The Mournland | Cyre]] *Personality:* A noble and loyal guardian who will fight for those he is sworn to protect.

  • Lord of Blades

    *Race:* [[Warforged]] *Age:* ? *Height:* 6' 8" *Eyes:* Red *Hair:* None *Skin:* Steel *Region of Origin:* [[Cyre]] *Personality:*

  • Sunder

    *Race:* [[Warforged]] *Age:* ? *Height:* 6' 4" *Eyes:* Red *Hair:* None *Skin:* Steel *Appearance:* *Region of Origin:* [[Cyre]] *Personality:* A natural leader, loyal to the [[:lord-of-blades]]. He refuses to harm other warforged.

  • The Progenitor

    Race: Psiforged Age: ? Height: 6' 1" Eyes: Amber Hair: None Skin: Silver with crystal structures Region of Origin: [[Cyre]] Adviser to the [[:lord-of-blades]], the Progenitor, as he is known among the residents of [[Mechanus]], is one of the …

  • Ku'rahnk

    *Race:* [[Warforged]] *Age:* ??? *Height:* 6' 7" *Eyes:* Yellow *Hair:* None *Skin:* Black *Region of Origin:* [[Xen'drik]] *Personality:* After traveling back in time to the Quori-Giant war, [[Odd-jobs Incorporated]] encountered Ku'rahnk …