Tag: Royal Eyes


  • Neya ir'Krell

    *Race:* [[Human]] *Age:* 29 (Olarune 27, 971 YK) *Height:* 5' 9" *Eyes:* Blue *Hair:* Brown, Wavy *Skin:* Light Tan *Region of Origin:* [[Aundair]] *Personality:* Very curious person who enjoys asking questions even if they don't have to do with …

  • Margana Toriun

    *Race:* [[Human]] *Age:* 29 *Height:* 5' 7" *Region of Origin:* [[Aundair]] *Personality:* Rougish by nature, she loves magic and using it for deception and trickery. Moonlights as a street magician.

  • Kleris Ostren

    *Race:* [[Human]] *Age:* 38 *Height:* 6' 1" *Region of Origin:* [[Aundair]] *Personality:* Incredibly intelligent and calculating, but his emotions can run a bit wild at times.