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  • Ashkhad

    We walk in the light, but when faced with only darkness, we must carry that light with us.
    *Race:* [[Kalashtar]] *Age:* 22 (Zarantyr 16, 978YK) *Height:* 6' 0" *Eyes:* Dark Brown *Hair:* Black, Straight *Skin:* Light * …

  • Rae

    bq). There are no bindings I can't escape. No trap I can't evade. No doors I can't open. I am coming for you. Pleasant dreams. *Race:* [[Changeling]] *Age:* 20 (Therendor 8, 980YK) *Height:* 5' 8" *Eyes:* White *Hair:* White, Straight *Skin:* …

  • Roran Thorn

    You know nothing of passion. When your rage can sunder mountains, you may speak to me of passion.


    Nothing is impossible, what you want is simply expensive.
    *Race:* [[Warforged]] *Age:* 15 (Eyre 15, 985YK) *Height:* 6' 2" *Eyes:* Amber *Hair:* None *Skin:* Iron *Appearance:* Ratchet is more slim than other warforged …