Tag: Half-elf


  • Andres Derane

    bq). "You are without doubt the worst pirate I've ever heard of." "But you have heard of me." *Race:* [[Half-elf]] *Age:* 67 (Nymm 23, 933 YK) *Height:* 5' 10" *Eyes:* Red *Hair:* Black with a purple tint, short *Skin:* Tan *Region of Origin:* [[ …

  • Kelani Thauram

    *Race:* [[Half-elf]] *Age:* 32 *Height:* 5' 6" *Eyes:* Brown *Hair:* Pink *Skin:* Fair *Region of Origin:* [[Karrnath]] *Personality:* Seemingly kind and generous, but hides a dark and manipulative side. A famous actress in [[Sharn]], Kelani is …

  • Elgeon Gladomain

    *Race:* [[Half-elf]] *Age:* 46 *Eyes:* Blue *Hair:* Blond *Skin:* Tan *Region of Origin:* *Personality:* A fun-loving swordsman with great trust in his strength, to the point of cockiness.