Tag: Elf


  • Iravae Hadiril

    bq). Some forget how to think things through. They usually die within the hour. *Race:* [[Elf]] *Age:* 130 *Eyes:* Green *Hair:* Brown *Skin:* Fair *Appearance:* Iravae never leaves for a journey without her bag. It's filled with arrows, daggers, …

  • Aris Hollysword

    *Race:* [[Elf]] *Age:* 64 *Eyes:* Green *Hair:* Blond *Skin:* Fair *Region of Origin:* *Personality:* Very serious and a master of blade and magic, she is also quite proud and cheerful.

  • Galinor

    *Race:* [[Elf]] *Eyes:* Brown *Hair:* White *Skin:* Pale *Region of Origin:* [[Stormreach]]