Tag: Deneith


  • Niv "Hyperblade" d'Deneith

    This blade is a multi-purpose tool. In my left hand, it cuts down my enemies. In my right, It protects the weak and those important to me. I do this not for the money, but because it is right.

    Alain d'Deneith

    *Race:* [[Human]] *Age:* 47 (Olarune 26, 953 YK) *Height:* 5' 11" *Eyes:* Brown *Hair:* Black *Skin:* Tan *Region of Origin:* [[Karrnath]] *Personality:* Serious and rough, he hides a side that cares deeply for his allies. *Dragonmark:* [[Mark of …

  • Vyncent d'Deneith

    *Race:* [[Human]] *Age:* 35 (Nymm 4, 965 YK) *Eyes:* Brown *Hair:* Black *Skin:* Tan *Region of Origin:* [[Karrnath]] *Personality:* Committed to his duty, but can be a bit too rash at times. *Dragonmark:* [[Mark of Sentinel]] *Dragonmark Location …