The Schemas and the Creation Pattern


Ancient schemas recovered from Xen’drik by Kedran d’Cannith in about -500YK, sometime before the War of the Mark. Kedran wrote many papers for House Cannith during his lifetime. Some of these texts described the purpose of the creation patterns that Kedran studied on his trips to Xen’drik. His notes eventually led to House Cannith being able to make creation patterns of their own.

One of these texts was a journal that described the location of a vault Kedran had used to store some of the artifacts he had found, but it was lost to time. However, the journal was discovered by a human named Bonal Geldam and his dwarf partner Khorin Tordak while researching artifacts at Morgrave University.

While trying to decipher the journal, the two scholars discovered the location of Kedran’s vault beneath Sharn, but before they were able to go to it, Morgrave shut down their research and confiscated all of the notes they had made. However, Bonal was able to sneak the journal out and continue research on his own, even as Khorin moved on to other projects. Bonal was killed one day and the journal was almost stolen, but instead found it’s way into the hands of Odd-jobs Incorporated who were hired by House Cannith to find the first schema.

The schemas that go to this creation pattern are powerful artifacts with an unknown purpose. Not even Kedran was able to learn of their use, but he did write down the locations of each one in the journal.

Garrow had taken the 4 schemas and sent them to Calderus before his death. Calderus was going to use the schemas to power and activate 4 ancient creation forges buried near the town of Llanford in Karrnath.

Odd-jobs Incorporated was able to defeat Calderus and his army of undead and Emerald Claw soldiers and gave the schema to Lady Elaydren d’Cannith who has given it to House Cannith for safe keeping.

The Schemas and the Creation Pattern

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