Teras' Treasure


Discovered in about -2000 YK by the great explorer Teras in the Shadow Marches, it is believed to be a relic of the Dhakaani Empire when they had ruled Khorvaire. It is an ornately decorated metal box depicting war scenes, possibly from the Daelkyr War, and other Dhakaani symbolism. It is called “Teras’ Treasure” because when he found it, he was able to discover a massive amount of Dhakaani artifacts in the area. As such, it became his most prized possession.

Both magical and psionic analysis on the box has shown nothing of note about it. People who have handled it claim that it is “slightly heavier than you would expect,” but otherwise it has no unusual properties. It is thought to be solid all the way through as no seams or hinges have been discovered.

Teras’ Treasure seems to be one of three boxes like it. These boxes, according to Krystival Valorek’s Journal, are the keys to opening a vault containing what he believes is an object imbued with scrying magic from the Age of Giants.

Teras' Treasure

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