High Concept: Brutal Warrior
Trouble: Swords solve most problems.
Race: Warforged
Loyal to a fault
+5: Melee +4: Physique +3: Athletics +2: Will +1: Provoke
I know how to use my momentum in a fight. I gain a +2 to attack with Melee whenever I move at least one zone unopposed before I attack.



Race: Warforged
Age: 42
Height: 6’ 6"
Eyes: Red
Hair: None
Skin: Steel
Appearance: Titan was built for war. Scars litter his body, but he wears them out of pride and wishes for them not to be repaired. His weapon of choice is an arm-blade which he wears most of time, even outside of dangerous situations.
Region of Origin: Cyre
Personality: Brash, Rash, but surprisingly obedient.

Part of an exploratory team sent to Xen’drik alongside Ratchet, Elaydren d’Cannith, Elward Chandler, and Iravae Hadiril to act as a bodyguard. On the return trip from the ruins, Titan betrayed the party to a group of warforged following the Lord of Blades. The group was able to escape and Titan was not heard from again.

Odd-jobs Incorporated later found themselves in the warforged city Mechanus, and Titan, alongside Content Not Found: sunder, was part of the group who captured them in the Mournland.


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