Roran Thorn

You know nothing of passion. When your rage can sunder mountains, you may speak to me of passion.

Thorn by Jak-of-Altraydes
Main picture by AltheonBallistics

Race: Shifter
Age: 28 (Therendor 9, 972YK)
Height: 5’ 11"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black normally, white when shifted
Skin: Dark
Appearance: Thorn wears a brown hide armor, useful for swift and quick movement, something he learned through his life to be necessary, along with a similar colored pants, and a strap to hold onto his axe when not in battle. His hair is black when he is in his natural form, containing many braids and designs. His body is not completely covered in them, but he has quite a few tribal tattoos of unknown meaning over his dark tan skinned body. He is the descendant of a were-lion, so he has very leonine features in his natural form. When shifted, his hair becomes pure white, his leonine features become more pronounced, and he gains a massive burst of strength.
Region of Origin: The Eldeen Reaches
Personality:Contrary to popular opinion about shifters, Thorn is a rather calm and has a decent hold on his temper. Most of the time. Living as a Shifter and, he truly understands that life alone is not a good thing to have, and thus values his allies and friends higher than others usually would, putting himself on the front-lines so he can distract his foes away from his friends. Due to being the one in charge of finance, and being someone who does whatever he can to survive, Thorn is quite cheap, not wanting to spend more money than necessary, but constantly convinced into doing so by the rest of the crew.
Dragonmark: Aberrant
Dragonmark Location: Right shoulder blade

Thorn grew up in the Eldeen Reaches, but eventually the Last War hit his home, demolishing a good portion of it. His father, Flint Thorn, left home to help fight against the invading Aundairian forces. Flint became incredibly violent after his time in the war, and in a fit of rage attempted to kill Thorn’s mother. Trying to protect his family, Thorn took up his father’s axe and struck Flint down.

In shame and grief, Thorn left his home and traveled to Sharn where he hoped he could earn money to send back to his village to help rebuild it. He found himself in Malleon’s Gate, working as a gladiator in the illegal fight pits. Thorn was incredibly successful and sent large amounts of money back home.

One day, he was approached by a war veteran, Niv Hyperblade, and was asked if he would like to use his skills in a more… legal setting. Thorn agreed and joined Niv and Ratchet in the newly formed Odd-jobs Incorporated.

He owns a clawfoot named Atticus.

After coming across a group of shadow beasts in the Depths of Sharn, Thorn manifested an Aberrant Dragonmark with abilities revolving around the manipulation of ice.

Roran Thorn

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