High Concept: __
Trouble: __
Race: Medusa
+4: Primal +3: Physique +2: Provoke +1: Notice
I have a great affinity to the earth and its elements heed my call. I can use Primal to make attacks by using the natural elements around me.


Race: Medusa
Age: 23
Eyes: Orange
Hair: None
Skin: Green
Region of Origin: Droaam
Personality: Hot-headed and impulsive, but he has been trying to better keep himself under control unless the Ringmasters are involved.

Tabris’ family was killed during the Last War by Brelish soldiers in Droaam and was sold to a group known to him only as the “Ringmasters”; wealthy entertainers who make their living by taking “strange, exotic, and dangerous” creatures and races and putting them on display in the underground Carnival of Wonders. Tabris was relegated to a job as a stablehand and was given a blindfold he must wear at all times so he would not use his medusa’s gaze to escape, although he dreamed that one day he could leave. His chance at escape came when a group of adventurers came to fight beasts in the ring, and Tabris found out that these were the people who killed his family. Overcome by rage, he ran into the ring and pulled off his blindfold so he could see them with his own eyes. On meeting his gaze, two of the ex-soldiers immediately looked away while their companions were driven completely mad.

The real shock came when Tabris saw the animals dead around him; animals who he had grown incredibly close to over the years. In his fury, he unlocked an inner connection with nature, and the primal forces of Eberron came to his aid and, after savagely killing the surviving ex-soldiers, Tabris escaped the Carnival of Wonders.

Tabris continues to wear his blindfold as he cannot stand the thought of what he could do with his gaze to the people and creatures he came in contact with. Over the years in the circus, Tabris developed heightened senses that more than make up for his lack of sight. He refuses to remove the blindfold for any reason, too afraid of what might happen if he does.

But he will remove it for one and one reason alone. To see the looks on the faces of the Ringmasters as his gaze drives them to eternal madness.

Tabris has a great affinity to nature and feels a connection with the primal forces of the world, and has begun to think of himself as a druid. Besides exacting his revenge on the Ringmasters, he wishes to one day travel to the Shadow Marches to study under the great Gatekeeper druids and hopefully join them in their duty to protect Eberron from the legions of Xoriat.


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