There are no bindings I can’t escape. No trap I can’t evade. No doors I can’t open. I am coming for you. Pleasant dreams.

Race: Changeling
Age: 20 (Therendor 8, 980YK)
Height: 5’ 8"
Eyes: White
Hair: White, Straight
Skin: Naturally White, but usually has an amethyst tint
Clothing: She wears black leather clothes made to easily fit whatever form she takes, but with pockets everywhere for all her daggers. She also wears a black cloak with a hood to help hide her changeling nature if she needs to shift quickly in a crowd or to just blend in during the night.
Region of Origin: Breland (Sharn)
Personality: Rae is kind, adventurous, and quirky. She can become serious very quickly and is incredibly protective of her friends and family. Oftentimes, she acts as the voice of reason and the moral compass for Odd-jobs.

Born and raised in Sharn, Rae grew up in a relatively wealthy household under the surname Valencia, a family of, to the public eye, humans. Her father was an architect in the city whose constructions were in high demand by the wealthiest citizens. When Rae was still very young, her father let it slip that he was a changeling, and opinions of the family changed almost overnight.

After losing his job, Rae’s father turned to Dreamlily as an escape, completely disregarding his family and sending them into poverty. Rae and her twin sister Skye turned to theft in order to sustain them as their mother was constantly taking care of their now comatose father. One day, a group of men broke into their house and slaughtered Rae’s parents in a fit of drunken racism. Rae and Skye were forced to live on their own on the streets for many years. Skye eventually left Rae to explore the world, but she always promised to come back and help her sister.

For most of her life, Rae lived on the streets of Sharn and quickly learned how to use her shape-changing abilities to her benefit. Her ability to change and agile reflexes allowed her to become an expert thief even though she is only 18. She used her skills to survive, but was also deeply affected by the manner of her parents death and how they had been cast out of high society when it was revealed they were changelings. She now holds a deep desire to see changelings be accepted in society instead of shunned as liars and thieves and assassins. So, Rae decided to start by raising up the poor people she had now come to know and love: the poor. She began to steal more “professionally,” taking small amounts from the rich and then delivering it to the poor people of Sharn, making sure to be in her original changeling form so they would know that it was a changeling helping them. Her exploits became famous all over the city and she became known as the “White Lady,” wanted by the Watch and praised by the poor as a savior.

One day, she tried to pickpocket Niv Hyperblade, but to her surprise she was caught. Instead of turning her in to the Sharn Watch, Niv offered her the opportunity to use her skills to work for Odd-jobs Incorporated with Ratchet and the most recent recruit Thorn.

After a year apart from the rest of Odd-jobs, Rae became an agent of the Dark Lanterns alongside her sister Skye as “Lantern Raven”.


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