Lucan Stellos


Race: Human Vampire
Age: 31 (Deceased)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond, Straight
Skin: Pale
Region of Origin: Breland

Human-turned-vampire ex-agent of the Dark Lanterns.

Was wanted for capture for stealing a sword called the Soul Blade from a secure vault kept by the Dark Lanterns.

Before Lucan became a vampire, he was respected and well known in the spy trade. Lucan was skilled at bringing enemies of King Boranel to justice and thwarting the plots of Breland’s rivals. His sudden departure – and the violence that ensued – didn’t go unnoticed, and spy networks across Khorvaire wondered whether Lucan had gone insane, betrayed his king and country, or instigated a new game of death and deceit whose rules haven’t yet become clear.

(Barrakas 19, 998YK) Lucan discovered the vampire Calderus’ spy network and traced it back to its source. That was Lucan’s last mistake as a human – Calderus easily defeated the interloper and turned him into a vampire. After interrogating Lucan, Calderus sent his new minion on his first mission. He ordered him to steal a mysterious magic sword from one of the Citadel of Breland’s vaults. Lucan succeeded, slaying several guards in the process, but once again found himself in over his head. The Soul Blade Lucan stole had an intelligence and will of its own, and it quickly conquered Lucan’s will. Neither the Soul Blade nor Lucan had any qualms about leaving a trail of bodies in their wake as the two of them tried to make their way to Karrnath.

Deceased after a run-in with a Mind Flayer.

Lucan Stellos

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