We walk in the light, but when faced with only darkness, we must carry that light with us.

Race: Kalashtar
Age: 22 (Zarantyr 16, 978YK)
Height: 6’ 0"
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black, Straight
Skin: Light
Clothing: Ashkhad is typically seen wearing a flowing black robe decorated with red psionic designs with a simple black undershirt and black pants underneath, but possesses an adequate wardrobe including clothing for formal events.
Religion: The Path of Light
Region of Origin: Adar
Personality: Despite growing up within Adar around other kalashtar Ashkhad’s personality and actions distinguish him slightly from other kalashtar such as being generally more trusting and less reserved than others of his race. Ashkhad is primarily laid back, humorous, and possesses a happy disposition, but like other kalashtar follows The Path of Light, enjoys art, meditates frequently, typically dresses in an Adaran fashion and values his bonds and relationships with those close to him strongly. While upon first glance Ashkhad seems to display a calm and collected personally there is a playfulness to him that he displays around his friends and those he deems of good nature. Ashkhad was born a wilder, but despite this he knows when it is required display a more professional and serious attitude, and is generally quite good with people being the group’s main diplomatist. Ashkhad has relatively high moral standards, but can become easily irritated by those he does not know when they insult him or his allies, and when he or his friends are put into danger he is quick to engage in combat and assist his friends. Ashkhad is a shadow watcher and is very passionate when it comes to matters of The Inspired and The Dreaming Dark, jumping at a chance to ruin their plans if he believes it is within his capabilities. Outside of combat he enjoys and is capable of cooking Adaran meals, but rarely does so due to Rae being the main one to cook within the party. After a year away from Odd-jobs, Ashkhad has begun courting Neya ir’Krell.

Before Odd-jobs: Ashkhad was born and raised within a small village within Adar known as Shambala and remained there until his mid-teens. Growing up Ashkhad’s psionic powers were abnormally powerful, wild and even dangerous as he was not able to completely control them which resulted in him being avoided by fellow Kalashtar. Alienated and unaccepted by those around him Ashkhad kept to himself most of the time and remained mostly isolated from his peers and spent majority of his time studying and practicing the psionic. Years passed and eventually Ashkhad’s use of psionics became more controlled and less dangerous, but not completely. On Ashkhad’s 16th birthday, during a ritual of rites, Ashkhad lost control of his powers resulting in the death of one of the ritual’s thoughtsingers. Days later Ashkhad left Adar (Zarantyr 22, 994YK) after being prompted to leave by his father Havrakhad who stated that he would be happier living outside of Adar and the villages felt uneasy and afraid of him after the ritual and that the decision was for the best. Days later Ashkhad traveled by ship leaving from Dvaarnava to Khorvaire and landed in Stormhome in Aundair and began wandering Aundair by himself for roughly four years. Ashkhad went from town to town helping those he ran into in exchange for lodging or small amounts of money to survive his seemingly never ending journey, and was generally well liked wherever he went. Eventually during his travels after The Last War he found himself in Wroat within Breland traveling towards Sharn where he met up with Odd-jobs Incorporated along the way (Zarantyr 25, 998YK). They were attacked by highwaymen and Ashkhad was offered a job after his powers were demonstrated in the ensuing fight. After several months with the group, Ashkhad has come to view them as his closest friends and values the time he spends with them.

Ashkhad is strange for a kalashtar. The “wilder” nature of his powers is the result of an unstable mind, but not in the usual sense. His body houses 3 souls instead of just the kalashtar normal of 2. One is the human part, one is a fragment of the quori Khad from his father’s line, and the other is a strange portion of Taratai. Because of this, Ashkhad and the extra spirit can also be referred to as Ashtaratai.


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